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Whether you are new to computing or have some experience, Digital Literacy will help you develop a fundamental understanding of computers. The courses help you learn the essential skills to begin computing with confidence, be more productive at home and at work, stay safe online, use technology to complement your lifestyle, and consider careers where you can put your skills to work. This Digital Literacy eLearning course applies to all ages (both students and adults).


Computer Basics
Computing is an important part of everyday life in the twenty-first century. From music and photos to banking and communicating, computers have changed the way we work and live. This course introduces you to the fundamentals of computing, explains the components of a computer, explores operating system basics, and shows you how to use a mouse and a keyboard.
Lesson 1: Introduction to Computers

1.1. Describe the importance of computers in today’s world.
1.2. Identify the main parts of a computer.
1.3 Identify the steps for starting and shutting down a computer.
1.4 Identify the different groups of keys on a keyboard.
1.5 Perform different tasks by using a mouse.
1.6 Describe other common computing devices such as laptops, netbooks, tablets, and phones.

Lesson 2: Common Computer Terminology

2.1 Identify the primary hardware components of a computer.
2.2 Explain an operating system.
2.3 Explain programs and data.
2.4 Describe a network and the types of networks.
2.5 Explain the terms Internet, World Wide Web, and intranet.

Lesson 3: Computer Performance and Features

3.1 Compare the features of different types of computers.
3.2 Explain the role of memory.
3.3 Explain the basics of computer performance.
3.4 Explain the concept of minimum requirements for software.
3.4 Describe the types of productivity programs and their uses.
3.5 Describe the types of communications programs and their uses.
3.6 Describe the uses of educational and entertainment programs.

Lesson 4: Computer Operating Systems

4.1 Explain the common functions of an operating system.
4.2 Identify the components of the Windows 8 interface.
4.3 Explain the options available in the Start screen of Windows 8.
4.4 Work with the Windows 8 interface within programs.
4.5 Manage files and folders in Windows Explorer.
4.6 Perform basic file operations.

Lesson 5: Career Opportunities

5.1 Describe how computers have become a central part of everyday rural and urban life – around the world.
5.2 Identify the career opportunities available for a computer-literate person.


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