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Whether you are new to computing or have some experience, Digital Literacy will help you develop a fundamental understanding of computers. The courses help you learn the essential skills to begin computing with confidence, be more productive at home and at work, stay safe online, use technology to complement your lifestyle, and consider careers where you can put your skills to work. This Digital Literacy eLearning course applies to all ages (both students and adults).


The Internet, Cloud Services, and the World Wide Web
The Internet can connect you to people, information, and resources around the world. This course shows you how to connect to the Internet, browse Web pages, navigate Web sites, use search engines, and exchange e-mail with others.

Lesson 1: The Internet

1.1 Describe the uses of the Internet and Cloud Services.
1.2 Identify the requirements for an Internet connection.
1.3 Identify the features of two types of Internet connections.
1.4 Relate the term bandwidth to types of Internet connections.

Lesson 2: The World Wide Web

2.1 Describe the components of the Web.
2.2 Explain how Web addresses work.
2.3 Explain how to connect to the Internet.
2.4 Explore Web sites by using a browser.
2.5 Describe how to save favorite Web sites.
2.6 Search for reliable information on the Web. (Note: examples from
2.7 Explain how to perform transactions over the Web.

Lesson 3: Using E-Mail

3.1 Explain how e-mail works.
3.2 Write and send e-mail messages.
3.3 Manage e-mail messages.
3.4 Identify correct e-mail etiquette.
3.5 How to create an email address.

Lesson 4: Other Methods of Communicating on the Internet

4.1 Identify the features of online communities.
4.2 Explain how instant messaging and Web-cam video communication works.
4.3 Explain how to create and publish Web pages.
4.4 Explain how to blog using Windows Live Writer.

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