A+ Maths Videos – JSS 1-3 (DVD)




This is a collection of our curriculum based Maths videos for students in JSS 1-3. The videos can be viewed on:

  1. Televisions (with USB Support)
  2. DVD Players (with USB/Memory Card Support)
  3. On Mobile Devices such as Tablets/Smartphones

Highlights of Videos (over 200Videos)

Adding & Subtracting negative numbers; Basic Trigonometry; Introduction to angles; Simple Equations; Multiplying and dividing negative numbers; Adding and subtracting fractions; Angles; Radians and Degrees; Linear Equations; Multiplying fractions; Similar triangles; Area and Perimeter; Circles: Radius, Diameter and Circumference; 45-45-90 Triangle; Introduction to Logarithms; 30-60-90 Triangles; Ratios; Scientific Notation; Polar Coordinates; Converting fractions to decimals; Equivalent fractions; Understanding Exponents; Understanding Square Roots; Proper and Improper Fractions; Changing a Mixed Number to an Improper Fraction; Decimal Place Value; Rational Inequalities; Heights and Distances; Exponent Rules; Rounding to Estimate Differences…

We recommend you order for this in conjunction with other series for JSS 1-3 since same shipping cost will apply.


See Sample Video:


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