A+ Special e-Learning DVD – Pry & Secondary Students

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This is a specially curated educational DVD for primary & secondary students to help improve their critical thinking skills and general knowledge.


  • Improves critical thinking skills with specially curated software.
  • General knowledge videos/books on science, wildlife and history.
  • Typing instructor specially made for kids.
  • Improve digital literacy level of students with different e-learning courses.
  • Educational videos to stimulate learning interest etc…


PC Software: Scratch (programming language for creating interactive stories, games, and animations.), Minecraft (the 2nd best selling PC game), GCompris (software suite comprising educational entertainment software for children aged 2 to 10), BigBrainz Multiplication (multiplication adventure game) , Typing Instructor for Kids (best typing software for kids), Tux Maths (Maths Arcade Game) etc.

Educational e-Books: The knowledge Encyclopedia and 16 Volume Britannica Illustrated Science Book.

Android Software: Several educational apk apps that can be side-loaded on any android device: King of Maths, Visual Anatomy, How to Tie a Tie, Algebra Tutor,Computer Science etc.

Digital Literacy Courses (will greatly help your ward knowing about computers): Computer Basics; Computer Security and Privacy; Productivity Programs; The Internet, Cloud Services, and the World Wide Web…

Educational Videos: Maths Trick (simple ‘tricks’ of solving difficult Maths problem e.g. Fractoons trcks, Solve Eauations Quickly, Mulitplication Trics etc…), Science Illustration videos, Algebra, Geometry, etc…


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