A+ English Videos – Pry 4-6 (DVD)




This is a collection of our curriculum based English videos for students in Pry 4-6. The videos can be viewed on:

  1. Televisions (with USB Support)
  2. DVD Players (with USB/Memory Card Support)
  3. On Mobile Devices such as Tablets/Smartphones

Highlights of Videos (over 90 Videos)

Clauses; Adjectives; Direct Speech; Singular and Plural Nouns; Demonstrative Pronouns; Demonstrative Adjectives; Definite and Indefinite Articles; Adverbs- Verb Helpers; Demonstrative Adjectives ; Paste tense of verbs; Past Participle Form of Verb; Interrogative Pronouns; How to write a Formal Letter; Prepositions; Verbs- The ‘-ing’ Form; Verbs- Perfect Continuous Tense; Verbs- Present Tense;

We recommend you order for this in conjunction with other series for Primary 4-6 since same shipping cost will apply.


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