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Don’t be decived by other kids tablet in the market. This is the best ‘educational’ tablet you can get for your child/ward/student with several specially packaged educational resources for secondary students. This new7 inch tablet is primarily for educational purpose as well as being entertained. Your wards will definitely learn a lot with this tablet. It also acts as a phone which you can use to make calls or surf the internet.

Some of the contents of the Premium option include: Educational Videos (over 500): mathematics (over 300 videos) algebra, fractions, time, mean median mode, long division, multiplication, angle, line graph, areas of circle/triangle/square/rectangle, etc. English/vocabulary (over 80 videos) past tense, singular & plural nouns, adjectives, commas, compound nouns, conjunctions, general stories, direct speech, apostrophe, demonstrative adjectives, commas, compound nouns, synonyms etc. Chemistry (over 50 videos) atomic number & mass number, amorphous forms of carbon, elements & atoms, fission, crystal packing in lattices, orbitals etc. Physics (over 100 videos) momentum, gravity, fluids, motion, friction, inclined plane, projectile, energy. Basic Science & Technology (over 70 Videos): Living Things, Parts of a Transformer, Air Pollution, How does Alternator Work, Circulatory System, Volcanoes, The Nervous System etc. Biology (over 50 Videos) Cell Organelles, Diffusion and Osmosis, Anatomy of Neuron, Introduvtion to evolution and Natural Theory, Kingdom Animalia etc.

Educational applications/software (over100) learn algebra i & ii: learn/quiz about solving equations, inequalities, ratios, rectangular coordinate system, polynomials… learn about over 821 species of birds colour note: take down class notes comic strpit: create comics with photos. Learn about relevant mathematics formulas, functions, polar graphs, binomials, exponential & logs, algebra… learn about the human body: muscular system, digestive system, circulatory system etc. Earth: view the earth in 3d. Learn about geography of the earth… quiz game on arithmetic, geometry, fractions, powers, equations… learning to spell words. Study of words, word formation, spelling, sounds etc. (very important). Chemist: portable chemistry lab; conduct chemistry experiments, mixing of compounds etc… creative book builder: create pdf books every circuit: simulation for various electrical circuits (ohms/resistance law, kirchhoff current law…) periodic table: learn, quiz on periodic table. Simple physics: design complex structures for tree houses, ferris wheel and then simulate design. Audubon trees: learn about over 700 tree species. Math helper: complete maths reference; learn vector algebra, derivatives, linear algebra, integrals, functions… wolfram alpha: academic search computational engine. Chemistry helper: learn all about chemistry, formulas etc. Visual anatomy: learn about the human body: muscular system, digestive system, circulatory system etc.

Educational e-books (over 95) Physics/Chemistry/Biology/Mathematics textbooks, Story Books, Rhyme books, Encyclopaedia, Science books- Human Body, Vertebrates, Universe, Space Exploration, Fish and Amphibians, Birds, Rocks & Minerals etc.

Accessories: The Premium Option has protective casing, 16GB total memrory, OTG Cable, Headphone and more educational content/games included.
Tablet specifications

2G/3G Network (For making phone Calls/Browsing): NO,

RAM: 512MB, internal storage: 8GB (with additional 8GB memory card) CPU: Quad Core 1.3 ghz , Diagonal size: 7 inches, Resolution: 1024 x 800 pixels, Operating system: android 4.2, “jelly bean” application, Store: Google play Wi-Fi: yes (for internet browsing) loudspeakers: dual built in speakers audio out: 3.5mm jack, microphone: yes.

We are an education technology company, so we look out to meet the education needs of your children/students. We boast of the best educational resources for tablets/smartphones in Nigeria. We hope to improve education using technology.

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