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Don’t be deceived by other kids tablet in the market. This is the best ‘educational’ and ‘entertaining’ tablet you can get for your child/ward/student with several specially packaged educational/entertaining resources for primary students. This new 7 inch tablet is primarily for educational purpose as well as being entertained. Your wards will definitely learn a lot with this tablet. For Kindergarten, Nursey and Primary students
Some of the contents of the premium option includes:
Educational Videos (over 100 videos) Mathematics (over 30 videos) addition, learn subtraction, fractions, time, mean median mode, long division, multiplication, Counting, areas of circle/triangle/square/rectangle, Profit & Loss, etc. English/vocabulary (over 30 videos): Phonics, Conjunctions, Direct/Indirect Speech, Phrases, CLauses, Sentences etc. Basic science (over 30 videos): Basic needs of living things, photosynthesis, air pressure, body parts, clothes we wear, weather, climate, excretory system, human eye, digestion, Newtons Laws of Motion for Kids, centre of gravity, Chemical/Physical Changes, Microscope, Magnets, Respiratory System. Rhymes & Poems (over 10 videos) : Nursery Rhymes, Driving in my car, The Wheel on a Bus, Two Little Balckbirds etc.
Educational applications/software (over 70) Real animals HD: learn about farm, wild, domestic animal sounds, name, image, young ones. Countries of the world: learn about all countries’ information, maps, facts, people with quiz. Kids maths challenge: practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division (with multiplayer mode). King of math junior: quiz games on counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, puzzle, measuring, fractions. Multiplication/multiplication tables: fun learning multiplication games. Slice it: learn geometry of shapes. Monkey Math: matching pictures, counting and other preschool math activities, Spelling bee: learning to spell words. Spelling city: study of words, word formation, spelling, sounds. My piano/my guitar/real drums: learning music. Classword plus: multiplayer scrabble game. Current affairs: world current affairs. Kids number and math: several mathematics game: addition, multiplication (with multiplayer). King of math: quiz game on arithmetic, geometry, fractions, powers, equations… math ref: virtually all relevant mathematics formulas, functions, polar graphs, binomials, exponential & logs, algebra… where’s my water: problem solving game that will make pupils’ think better, World History app, Wordsplosion: five-letter word learning games etc.
Educational E-Books (39): textbooks, story books, rhyme books, encyclopaedia, science books- human body, mammals, reptiles and dinosaurs et.c.
Accessories: The Premium Option has protective casing, 8GB Memory Card and more educational content/games included.
Tablet specifications: SIM Card Enabled (for making calls), RAM: 512 MB, Storage: 12 GB, CPU: Dual Core 1.2GHZ, GPU: Diagonal size: 7 inches (17.78cm), Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels, Operating System: Android 4.2 “jelly bean”, Application Store: Google Play, Wi-Fi: Yes (for internet browsing), Loudspeakers: Built-in speakers, Audio out: 3.5mm jack.

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