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We provide several educational apps specially chosen to help teaching within the classroom in Nigeria. Presently, we can help implement the following platform within classrooms/schools:

Android Applications in Classrooms

We have specially researched and have several educational applications that can help teachers in the Nigeria school system. Our specially chosen apps include several paid and free application which meet needs of teaching in subject areas such as Mathematics, Basic Science and Technology, Geography, Music, Biology, Chemistry etc. For schools that already have android tablets/smartphones, we can work out how to provide you these applications.

These applications will be useful in helping both teachers and students as it makes learning more practical and experiential.

Click here for a presentation on how android Applications could be used in Classrooms for different subject. We can help your school implement ALL the applications in the presentation and more.

Windows in the Classroom (Windows 8 platform)

With the trending Windows 8 operating system, educators now have access to the Window App store which also provides useful application for learning. We provide several of these applications (on Windows 8 Laptops or Desktops) which could be useful in teaching students. For schools that already have windows 8 devices, we can work out how to provide these applications.

In helping teachers, we also highlight how some of these applications could be used in particular subject topics for their classes.

Visit here for further information.

Ipad in the classroom (iOS platform)

Probably the most unique platform due to the vast number of educational application available on the Apple App Store. Apple’s ipad give teachers a lot of resources which could be used in the classroom. For schools that already have Apple devices, we can work out how to provide these applications.

As mentioned in previous instances, the application from Apples App Store will be useful in several subjects and will help teachers teach more effectively.

View this report on how iPads has been proved to revolutionize teaching/learning or Visit Apple’s official webpage on education.

Apps in the Classroom: Using iOS Apps for Teaching and Learning


We also provide schools with a library of educational videos which have been specially chosen based on the primary and secondary school subjects in Nigeria. With over 5,000 videos ranging from subjects such as: English, Mathematics, Rhymes, Basic Science/Technology, Geography, Current Affairs, Physics, Chemistry, Biology. These videos will help students have visual understanding of what they are being taught and it will also teachers better illustrate their lessons.Our videos apply to Kindergarten/Nursery, Primary and Secondary students.

We also provide schools with the popular ‘KHAN ACADEMY’ for FREE. Get more information on what the Khan Academy videos are about.

Click here for how videos could help classroom teaching.

The Benefits of Using Educational Video in The Classroom .

Benefits to Using Video in the Classroom .


We also provide schools with several e-books such as story-telling books, encyclopaedias, science books, research books, Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry and Biology Textbooks, Vocabulary books, past questions of WAEC/JAMB and many other educational books as your school may demand.