Affiliates Introduction

Understanding the Affiliate Dashboard

Affiliate URLs

This is where you generate a unique link/URL which you will use to promote your website or products. It has the affiliate ID (which is unique to you) which will be appended to the URL(pruducts you choose to share to people) so every affiliates can be tracked when a visitor or customer visits our store.

For example:

To generate a unique link for the product: A+ 7” Tablet | Kin, Nur & Pry (3G Version) – Basic which can be found at this link:, all you need to do is copy the product link and paste in ‘Page URL’ space then click on generate URL. A unique url associated to your affiliate account will be generated and will look like this:

The “?ref=2” (your reference number will be different) attached to this link is what will make it unique to you. This is how you will continue to generate unique links to share with others.


Anyone who clicks on this unique link will be registered under the “Visitor” tab (as your visitor).You can monitor how well your shared links are doing by checking your checking the visitors tab. Please note however, you will NOT BE PAID commissions for visitors (however if your visits are very high, you may be rewarded by the company).


Any visitor that proceeds to buy/place order for product(s) then becomes “your referral” and you will be paid commissions for that order. Kindly read this guide to know commission rates that applies to each category or product (certain categories or products have higher commission percentage than others).


Data on your visitors, referrals, unpaid earnings etc.


You can change your payment notification email here or choose to be notified for every referrals you get.


How Does Affiliate marketing Work

Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing where businesses reward affiliates for visitors they send to the business’s site via the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. An affiliate system is the system that handles the affiliate accounts, the tracking of the traffic affiliates have sent to the site, and the monetary rewards the affiliates have earned for their efforts.

This diagram helps to illustrate how the system works:



Know the products and the target group?

We kindly encourage you to go through our range of products (Store). You can BEST sell and convince others about products you are familiar with. Our products are mainly educational. Our products are mainly educational and are in categories:

e-Learning Courses:

Educational e-books: mostly digital science books that can be bought and downloaded online.

Educational Software: includes educational software (typing tutor, games, maths software etc.) that can be used on PCs.

Educational Tablets: personalized learning tablets for Kindergarten, Nursery, Primary and Secondary Students.

Educational Videos: curriculum subject by subject based videos for learning in class categories: PreSch/Kin/Nur, Pry 1-3, Pry 4-6, JSS 1-3, SSS 1-3.

Smart Classrooms (For Schools): e-learning bundles (tablets + projectors) for schools.

Smart Tablets for Schools/Teachers: tablets for use in classrooms for teaching by teachers.

From our sales records, the categories: “Educational Tablets” and “Educational Videos” have the most orders. You may want to start by familiarizing yourself with products in these categories as they are likely to generate more commissions for you. We will be expanding our product line to include more educational products over the next few months. You will be notified as this progress.

It will be wise to share with parents/schools or target groups of people who may be interested. Friends, families or colleagues who have children in Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools will be a good starting point. Share with them links of products that they may be interested in.


Share with people on Whatsapp, on Whatsapp groups, create broadcast lists of likely buyers etc.


Share on your personal Facebook page profile. Share on Facebook groups (woman related groups could be a good marketing platform). Remember the key is to SHARE THESE LINKS AGAIN AND AGAIN on every available platform.

Other platforms to share links: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Your Website etc.


How can I begin making money from this program (see commission rates)

Share links with as many people as possible

Generate unique links from your dashboard and share with people you know will be interested in these products. Share everywhere: on your Facebook Profile, Facebook Groups, Whatsapp Groups, Whatsapp Broadcast Lists, Bulk Sms etc. The higher your share, the more likely you will get a buyer. You get a commission for every product(s) bought through your shared link (remember to always attach your reference id).

Buy and Resell

You can buy and resell some of our products to people in your environment.

Place orders on behalf of others

Perhaps you tell people about the products and they are interested in getting any product, you can place an order on their behalf. You get commissions for orders you place on their behalf.

To ensure you are paid commissions for such orders ensure the “Billing Details” are yours while the “Shipping Details” are that of the customer. You can use your Affiliate login details to place such orders. Once the order is delivered, your affiliate account will be credited with the appropriate commission. Kindly ensure you follow this guideline for commissions to accrue to you. Failure to do this will mean forfeiting your commission.



After your first login, do ensure you provide your account details where your commissions will be paid. Cumulative commissions in a month will be paid NOT LATER THAN the second week of the succeeding month.


How and when will you be paid

You will be paid through the bank details you supply. Cumulative commissions in a month will be paid NOT LATER THAN the second week of the succeeding month.


We offer Payment on Delivery

To help in convincing intending buyers, always let them know about the option of paying-on-delivery which is available on our online store. This has been known to increase customer confidence in making purchases on online stores.

However, do note that if you place pay-on-delivery orders on behalf of others(as an affiliate) but the orders are NOT RECEIVED by the customers, deductions may be made from your commission account to cover for the shipping fees.